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So many people around us like to use asphalt for their driveways or sideways. Although there are various types of asphalt and their use is different also. Only the concrete contractors Vancouver can tell you exactly where you can use asphalt properly.

Various Types of Asphalt and Their Usage  

To many homeowners’ asphalts is an ideal material to use for their pavement globally. There are some advantages of using asphalt also. You will see that asphalts are safe, long-lasting, reusable, and cost-effective. But not all the asphalt has the same traits. Along with different qualities, their use is different too. There is five available common asphalt. Let’s hear about them one by one:

Hot Mix Asphalt

The most frequent use of the asphalt you will see around yourself is the hot mix asphalt. These are good for pavements and roads. Being extremely weatherproof as the coarse and fine aggregate is mixed with the asphalt binder. When the hot mix asphalt’s temperature rises to 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit because of high heat, it is poured into a specific place. It works better and efficiently when it is hot. But it cools down within a short time too. So, people who will handle these constructions need to have enough experience. Otherwise, there may be a disaster while pouring the hot mix of asphalt.

Concrete Contractors Vancouver

Warm Mix Asphalt

The temperature of warm asphalt is relatively much lower than the hot mix asphalt. It is only 30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The technology of warm asphalt mix is a comparatively new attachment to the asphalt industry. Warm mixed asphalt takes some time to cool down. Another advantage of warm mix asphalt is it is very suitable to use in the month of freezing weather. So, you are getting a lot of time to use it as a paving material.

The most exciting benefit of warm mix asphalt is that, if you want, you can transport it to distant areas. It will not affect the materials also. In addition, warm mix asphalt is very easy and safe for application. The harmful greenhouse gasses do not emit from this asphalt. Besides, there is very little use of fuel in warm mix asphalt. It is safe for both the environment and the people. So, workers can work with it in a relaxed mood. The added cost-effective benefit will increase the viewer’s interest in using warm-mix asphalt in their area.

Dense-Graded Mixes

Another high-quality hot asphalt mix is the Dense-Graded mix. Besides, you can use them for all kinds of purposes. May it be the traffic or layers of pavement. Whether you hav requiemt for your structure, as make level, friction, or patching requirement, a Dense-Graded mix is good for everything. There are two types of Dense-Graded mix asphalt: fine-graded and coarse-graded. Dense-Graded mix asphalts are waterproof, and if your contractor can install them properly, they will give you extended-lasting use and safety from any kinds of holes and cracks.

Concrete Contractors Vancouver

MC Cold Mix

As you can idea from the name, you may use MC cold mix asphalt in cold weather. MC cold mix is not very strong like the hot mix asphalt. So, you can only use them in areas where the traffic is significantly less or for short time patching. In addition,you can use them for any temporary or small place. It is beneficial to use where the temperature is inappropriate for any hot mix asphalt. You can remove the cold mix asphalt when you have a permanent solution in your hand. Besides, you can store the removed part and use them later again.

Porous Asphalt

This pavement permits the water to drain through any pavement. It passes to the stone recharge bed of the underground before the soil soaks it up. Places like driveways, playgrounds, sidewalks, parking lots, etc., are very fitting for this asphalt. Porous asphalt is perfect for safety issues. They have the attributes to manage the vast amount of stormwater. Besides, it can also decrease the requirements of your sewer system. If the experts can install it properly, you will be able to use it for 20 years minimum and more than that.

Concrete Contractors Vancouver

Final Thought 

The top concrete contractors can handle all kinds of asphalt pavement very efficiently. But, according to your taste and requirement, you have to use one asphalt for your structure, may it be a project of residential or commercial project. As the various uses of asphalt vary in different weather, you should pick on considering all of them. Only then can you make your asphalt-based structures more durable with proper maintenance.